Tip #1 when attending Genealogy Conference…

There is nothing worse than getting to a conference and realizing you have left something at home.

Can you imagine arriving to a presentation and realize that you have forgotten your notepad?

But what should you bring? Here a list that can help you enjoy your conference experience:

  • Address Labels – One great tip is that you can bring address labels with your name, email address, and phone number. These labels are a practical way for you to save time as you may register your details with various companies, services or even prize giveaways. It’s quick and easy, and you can be on your way to another vendor that interests you.
  • Family Tree Charts – The most important thing that you can bring to a conference is your current family tree research. You may want to break up your tree and print them on several charts if it is very large. Reports are also a good idea to print out, as well as any notes stating where you are currently at with each branch of your tree.
  • Food and Drink – Obviously you won’t be able to take any food or water into the conference and start chomping away while someone is talking, but you can take anything for between sessions. So why not take your favorite snacks with you as well as a bottle of water?
  • Technology – Bring your laptop or tablet so that they can take down notes. That’s perfectly acceptable but if you do just remember to bring along any power cords or charging adapters. The same can also be said for your cellphone/smartphone. Please remember to bring your phone charger with you. And of course to put them on silent during any presentations and speeches. Notepad and Pencil Some people prefer to take notes the old fashioned way.

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